How to Apply

Please note that starting the admissions process does not guarantee an offer to enroll in the school.

Application process

1.     Our admission process has a non-refundable cost per student of $200.00 for Preschool (nursery- kinder) and $300.00 for elementary and high school (1st-10th grade). The amount paid covers the fees of the admission platform and the different assessments required depending on

the level applying for. Find the payment details (here)

 2.     Once our accounting department confirms receipt of payment, you’ll receive an email with the link to access our Admission Platform,

invitation for an in-person interview and the opportunity to tour our school.

 3.     Once the admission form is received and our office confirms that all the documentation required has been submitted, we’ll schedule an appointment for the different assessments to be completed. 

 Every child applying for an opening for first grade or higher will need to take an academic evaluation.

 4.     Once all the documentation has been received and the evaluation process completed, the Admissions Committee will give a final decision, which will be emailed to the parents.

 *If the Admissions

Committee admits the child to our school, the payment of the Admission and

Infrastructure Fees must be paid within 15 days of notice *

Admissions Committee Decision

Caribbean International School Admissions Committee will review complete applications for a final decision within 15 business days. Students may be accepted without conditions, accepted with conditions, denied, or placed on our waiting list.

The Admissions Committee will have the final decision on whether or not the admission will be granted. The reasons behind the decision are final and confidential.