Admissions Policies

1.     The admission form and all the documents required by the school must be filled up and uploaded using our Admissions Platform. The school will NOT accept incomplete forms and/or incomplete documentation.

 2.     All students transferring from foreign school (2nd grade onwards) must complete the validation process establish by MEDUCA.

Authenticated school credits, from the school of origin, need to be taken to the Panamanian Embassy or Consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their authentication. The aforementioned documents must be taken to the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) to determine the grade the student will be attending. For students entering 7th – 10th grade, MEDUCA will indicate if students require to complete any additional subjects.

 Please keep in mind that all documents released in a language other than Spanish, must be translated by an authorized public translator

and have their official stamp.

 *Validation is NOT required for children who are starting preschool (nursery - kindergarten). They only need to submit their birth certificate and valid passport. 

 3.     The Caribbean International School values the ethical behavior and maturity of our new students; therefore, all our candidates for new enrollment, should have a record free of any disciplinary issues or expulsions (expel).


4.     All new students must pay the Admissions and Infrastructure fees within 15 business days of notice of acceptance. Any student who has not completed the enrolment process, including payment, by dateline will not be able to start the school year.


5.     All students accepted must participate in our summer program or any other program recommended by the school.


6.     Any student accepted by CIC and has not fulfilled all subjects required by our curriculum, will need to complete it or those subjects by module during the school year. The parent or guardian will assume the cost of these modules.


7.     The Admission Committee will have the final decision on whether admission will be granted. The reasons behind the decision are final and confidential.


8.     All information presented by the parent or guardian must be truthful. If irregularities are found, the Caribbean International School reserves the right to terminate the admission process.